QuickNLethal__EU__Amsterdam – Unreal Tournament 3 server!

I have succesfully managed to get a server working for Unreal Tournament 3!
This server is located in Amsterdam, Holland. Which should give most EU players from 20-80 ping 🙂

The IP for the server is

Please check out more information in the new SERVER TOPIC


I have made the server private for now, since its first intend is improving my skills for me and my friends and family
If you have any commentary, wanna make a suggestion, or reserve the server for a pug/scrim game, please comment or message me. I will put some details in a seperate section on my already “outdated” wordpress, since I am still working on my own website, which is coming along nicely. More information and server information shortly to find here!

Cheers and happy fragging 🙂


UOF LP Map Pack announced!

YES! Here we come!

Stevie's corner

I’m very happy to announce the upcoming release of the UOF Low Poly Map Pack !!! 😀

This pack is the fourth UOF Map Pack to be release. I do not provide a map for this pack but I’m involve in various tasks and I’m part of the UOF team since day 1 so it is normal for me to advertise the upcoming UOF team projects 🙂

To get started, there is only 2 maps revealed. More to come 😉

Follow the release at UOF or Epic forums.

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Embargo well received (:

Happy to say that Embargo was well received by the remaining people of the community.
Here are some kind words:


Hey Dark, just tried it out. Totally blown away that you could put that together in 14 days! It’s a nice clean and fun map to play. Funny, I was looking at potentially using Hourences textures for a map a week before your first teaser for this map. You did a perfect job putting those to use. The only ultra small nit pick is that the rain speed seems a little fast. Of course, you probably get gnarlier rain storms in the Netherlands than I do here in Calif! Congrats on getting this done!

;_( Ry:

Just finished with my first round of Embargo. Awesome flow it was fun!! I agree with Maul, great use of Hourences textures. I love the fact you placed the flag on top of a column, little extra challenge. Well DONE!”


“yo Dark , nice map u ve got here, i like the athmo and the sounds (rain, lifts …), the preview picts serie is awesome and u prevent me doing comments like “it s blurry” by this nice shaking effect!…rofl!”

If you’re interested in playing, check the map out in the map section over here ^^

Update and progress.

In the last 2 months, I have been really busy in real life, but I have managed to push some time into the work before. 

My Quake 3 map has been finished, and received very well by the betatesters.  
The map is currently in its Release Candidate 2 state, and will be featured in the new UOF material, which is set to be released soon.


So I just played B1, damn bro, I’m impress how fast your progressing as a mapper !!!
This layout is by far better than all the previous. Also, the Quake theme is well executed
I can see some materials / lensflare are still WIP but, they look good mate!


This feedback was really nice and helpful, and really helps me see to the fact that I’m certainly progressing as a mapper, which gives me an extra boost to overlap my previous work in every new map I make.

I recently started working on another CTF map. In which my goal was to recreate the layout of the most overplayed map in UT3 Capture the Flag: CTF-Reflection. I wanted to do something different, something futuristic, with the layout and textures. In just about 3 days, the alpha was complete, and the texturing and details were made using another 11 days, from which the map was complete in exactly 14 days. 

The map uses a theme of cubes and a set of lights in which the focus lies more shallow lighting, to create a kind of dark eerie theme. The cubes create a very artificial and abstract effect, but also make the map look clean and polished. Gameplay wise it features a lot more then the original layout Reflection. Translocator holes, more openness, all sorts of collission fixes, and a Kismet sequence in which it allows to player to lock down the base using a touch event button, closing 2 doors in each respectful base. 

The map is in its Release Candidate state, and is currently being betatested by the crew over at Unreal Old Friends, and is set to be released as well in the upcoming UOF material.


A very good map u ve here bro, I’m impressed by the gameplay and the allowed rushes through the map. The sizing is perfect and item placement was nice with 9 bots to play with… Music is cool and thoses animated screens and doors inject life into the level, keep up the good work.


DM-Q3A-Unlimited (WIP Progress)

Scoping through my old Q3A (Quake 3 Arcade) maps, I stumbled upon an old custom layout I once created in the Quake Editor
When I started at this layout, It was meant to be a nice competitive 1v1 Quake map, but the map landed in the depths of my harddrive.

I opened the map just recently, just curious to see what I made. (I always do that when I lack a certain amount of inspiration for a layout)
When the map was opened, I found out that the layout itself was there, but I never begun its design stadium. 

So, looking at how much Quake influenced me, and taking with me the argument that the community focus I have is not based upon Quake:
I decided to remake the layout in UE3 to see how it would flow, and what options it could provide in Unreal 3 for a good 1 versus 1 map.

3 days ago, I finished the actual layout stage, and had it tested for any flaws/choke points/flow breakers etc.
Got some good feedback at UOF, as well as the duelers from Galaxy Pugs, which found the layout interesting and well flowing

Picture of the Alpha layout. Very ugly, pure focus on getting the layout visible with a set of stock textures just meant to seperate Floor – Wall – Ramp.

I started texturing and set up basic lightning 2 days ago at the start of a “free” weekend, with about 5 to 6 hours per day spend on it.
For the texturing I used some oldschool Quake 3 textures, ripped from an old Quake 3 CD I found. I have set up a normal/specular map through Photoshop,
and made some adjustments in the UE3 material editor.

The first results are visible on the picture below.
For the design perspective, I tried to set myself some points i wanted to realise in this map:

– A kind of dark/eerie industrial setting, using alot of brown texturing to set the basic.
– For the trimming to really stand out, I’m using a more darker Red color, and to let it shine a bit more, a reflection mask on both ends
(adjusted a material coming from Cr4zyb4st4rd used in his HOLP3 WAR-Flux 😀 map) to accentuate trimming and let it stand out a bit more.
– Less vulgarity in walls, trying to differentiate walls as much as possible.

The lightning on the picture above so far is just a test, to see what colors would work in a setting like this. 
I found myself conformtable with a Red/Green/Yellow against a brown texture setting. The green really pops out in the middle and creates a good Quake like setting.

With some more work, this picture shows another 2 days of work:
– Lightning pops out much more (needs more work though)
– The red lights above create some more ambience and accentuate the higher walls some more.

I had some time to model a nice Quake logo as well. How I did it, might not be the most practical way, but the logo was roughly created in UDK by using solely BSP only.
Then converted the model to 3DS Max, to do some adjustments.

The outcome:

This is pretty much still very Work In Progress. A new update will be posting soon ofcourse.

UT Armor Spawn Indicator HUD (WIP)

I have been busy in between the actual level creating itself with a piece of Unreal scripting. Something I have always found interesting, So I start messing around abit, trying to learn the basics.

For a learning project I have set up for myself, I’m trying to create my first HUD through Canvas/Scaleform FX in UnrealScript.

I’m currently working on the source code, which will kind of large, so this will probably take some more time.
I’ll keep posting on the progress and various skins I’m working on in Photoshop.

The mod is a mutator which is usable in Deathmatches and Duels. It shows 4 images of the Armors known to Unreal, posting various information in the match.

I will post more along the way. This is design number uno.

This was my aim for set up (Borders etc. )
I’ll go along what each of its borders say up to down read.

– The first border involves a picture of the armor that the info is given for. The word SHIELDBELT for example is a static variable (never changes and never will during play),
which gives the basic information about the armor (Which one it is of the 4 that the info will be given for)

– The second border is blank during play, but it is a Dynamic variable of the amount of armor will appear once the armor has been picked up. See +50 will be shown in the HUD for 3 seconds once its it is picked up.

– The third border shows a loud and clear AVAILABLE in Green, and is the indicator that the armor is available.

– The fourth border shows the SPAWN TIME how long remains before that amount of armor is spawned.

I’d keep it as simple as possible, but the HUD needs to interact in each other.
For example:

– If “Spawn Time” reaches 0 in the 4th Border, AVAILABLE will pop up in the 3th Border.
If “ARMOR” is picked up, the amount of armor that has been added will appear in the 2nd Border (+20, +30, +50, +100)
If “BORDER2” is blank again, the Spawn Time will start from the start.

More to come soon.

Coming in 2013! A New Pack..

We at Unreal Old Friends all came together due to a love of modding for Unreal Tournament 3!  To this day we’re still supporting Unreal Tournament 3, putting our artistic talents to good use!

Here’s a teaser thread at what to expect from us, for UT3, in 2013!