Update and progress.

In the last 2 months, I have been really busy in real life, but I have managed to push some time into the work before. 

My Quake 3 map has been finished, and received very well by the betatesters.  
The map is currently in its Release Candidate 2 state, and will be featured in the new UOF material, which is set to be released soon.


So I just played B1, damn bro, I’m impress how fast your progressing as a mapper !!!
This layout is by far better than all the previous. Also, the Quake theme is well executed
I can see some materials / lensflare are still WIP but, they look good mate!


This feedback was really nice and helpful, and really helps me see to the fact that I’m certainly progressing as a mapper, which gives me an extra boost to overlap my previous work in every new map I make.

I recently started working on another CTF map. In which my goal was to recreate the layout of the most overplayed map in UT3 Capture the Flag: CTF-Reflection. I wanted to do something different, something futuristic, with the layout and textures. In just about 3 days, the alpha was complete, and the texturing and details were made using another 11 days, from which the map was complete in exactly 14 days. 

The map uses a theme of cubes and a set of lights in which the focus lies more shallow lighting, to create a kind of dark eerie theme. The cubes create a very artificial and abstract effect, but also make the map look clean and polished. Gameplay wise it features a lot more then the original layout Reflection. Translocator holes, more openness, all sorts of collission fixes, and a Kismet sequence in which it allows to player to lock down the base using a touch event button, closing 2 doors in each respectful base. 

The map is in its Release Candidate state, and is currently being betatested by the crew over at Unreal Old Friends, and is set to be released as well in the upcoming UOF material.


A very good map u ve here bro, I’m impressed by the gameplay and the allowed rushes through the map. The sizing is perfect and item placement was nice with 9 bots to play with… Music is cool and thoses animated screens and doors inject life into the level, keep up the good work.



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