Embargo well received (:

Happy to say that Embargo was well received by the remaining people of the community.
Here are some kind words:


Hey Dark, just tried it out. Totally blown away that you could put that together in 14 days! It’s a nice clean and fun map to play. Funny, I was looking at potentially using Hourences textures for a map a week before your first teaser for this map. You did a perfect job putting those to use. The only ultra small nit pick is that the rain speed seems a little fast. Of course, you probably get gnarlier rain storms in the Netherlands than I do here in Calif! Congrats on getting this done!

;_( Ry:

Just finished with my first round of Embargo. Awesome flow it was fun!! I agree with Maul, great use of Hourences textures. I love the fact you placed the flag on top of a column, little extra challenge. Well DONE!”


“yo Dark , nice map u ve got here, i like the athmo and the sounds (rain, lifts …), the preview picts serie is awesome and u prevent me doing comments like “it s blurry” by this nice shaking effect!…rofl!”

If you’re interested in playing, check the map out in the map section over here ^^


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