QuickNLethal__EU__Amsterdam – Unreal Tournament 3 server!

I have succesfully managed to get a server working for Unreal Tournament 3!
This server is located in Amsterdam, Holland. Which should give most EU players from 20-80 ping 🙂

The IP for the server is

Please check out more information in the new SERVER TOPIC


I have made the server private for now, since its first intend is improving my skills for me and my friends and family
If you have any commentary, wanna make a suggestion, or reserve the server for a pug/scrim game, please comment or message me. I will put some details in a seperate section on my already “outdated” wordpress, since I am still working on my own website, which is coming along nicely. More information and server information shortly to find here!

Cheers and happy fragging 🙂


2 thoughts on “QuickNLethal__EU__Amsterdam – Unreal Tournament 3 server!

  1. Thanks man. My younger brother actually started playing Unreal Tournament 3 not so long ago. He is really improving. (He can finally walljump now 😀 haha). But thats one of the reason I bought it, just to get some private matches and perhaps some private UOF pugs going.

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