Name: Seraph
Playercount: 8-12
Style: Low-Poly aimed.
Patches: None specifically required.
An old abandoned mine once used by the Liandri for digging up various amounts of Nano for the use in their new technology. During the great war, the mine collapsed, trapping everything inside of it, eventually killing all of them.
The final stories of the people that tried to escape can still be found on what remains of the mine.

No description, just yay and have fun.

Hourences, for a small part on one of his tutorials in which he explains how abstraction lines set the feeling for a level. Also, a wide variety of textures used in this map are his.
Stevelois, for his lightning tutorial really helped me create a good shadow for this map
McLogenog, for setting an example for good stock decals and how to set it up.


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