Please download the UOF-LP Map Pack!

General Information:

Name: Rising
Game type:
 Capture the Flag / Greed
Playercount: 10 – 16
Requirements: UT3 + patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

The UOF Team for Testing.

Background Story:

Before the great war broke out, the Liandri were secretly working on a place to train their soldiers.
With blueprints of the vast land between the Chinese border and the Korean border, also known as Reflection, they build a similiar kind of holographic chamber for training their recruits. The Liandri named this project: Project Rising, in honour of their almighty arise.
Now, that the great war is over, and the blueprints in hands of the Axon.. The Holographic chamber, that was destroyed after the savage of war, is rebuild by the Axon to serve one more purpose.. of the Tournament!


Extract the UOF-LP Map Pack archive into :

“My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is currently not on your system, you can safely create it.

The archive contains :



The layout of Rising is based upon one of the most overplayed CTF maps around Unreal Tournament 3: CTF-Reflection. This map features a fresh visual, a layout without colission issues, an easy chill atmosphere, and lots of other additions:

  • Added translocator holes from the spawns inside the flagroom for increased flow.
  • Added holes in the middle section for more cover for flagrunners and removed the 25 Medium health for 4 vials in those respectful holes.
  • Increased and controlled lift speed for smooth jumps and increased movement.
  • Removed the shock rifle from the flagroom and placed it in front of each base instead, to decrease shock spam in a cramped flagroom.
  • Layout is about 15% bigger then Reflection and features more controlled and less cramped movement.
  • Less controlled lightning and only lights surving a purpose only will increase FPS and visuals at this theme.

The Features:

  • The main map is build out of 2 textures. A Square and a Line. All self made in photoshop, and all materials belonging to these textures were made and adjusted by me.
  • A calm “Liquid dubstep” track called “That Girl” from the Dubstep artist “Excision” is featured as map music. All copyright goes to Excision.

In Depth:

Rising, started off by analyzing weaknesses of one of the most overplayed stock maps in CTF on Unreal Tournament 3. Namely, CTF-Reflection.

I tested the original alot and focused myself on what I found bad during playing and wrote down bad visual aspects, alot of poor lightning issues, bad team based content so poor room for figuring out where to navigate, lots of collision issues, etcetera. My first idea was to fix all these issues in yet another version of Reflection, but I found myself interested in just recreating the layout, but using an entirely different visual theme.

In fact, just 2 textures were needed to make CTF-Rising as it is now. A Square, and a Line texture.
Out of those 2 textures came forth the team based coloring as well, black and white trimming and some black tiling for more contrast and variations on the floor.

This map is the definition of: “This is as clean as it gets”. Lots of stripes and squares make  the map feel polished and controlled.
I used a more shallow lightning in this map since too bright and too contrasted lightning could ruin the visual structure of clean.
Therefore, lightning is only used to illuminate dark spots and was put in 3 main colors like the Team based colors. Red, Blue and a less saturated white/yellow.


  • This map has an improved layout of a stock Unreal Tournament 3 level: CTF-Reflection
  • The theme of this map was entirely self conceptuated and visualized based upon nothing but 2 self created textures in Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • This map took roughly 1 week to finish, excluding the time observing the original.
  • Guerenteed hardcore gameplay, movement and action.

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