Please download the UOF-LP Map Pack

General Information:

Name: Unlimited
Game type: Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch
Players: 2 – 8
Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack

Sebastien Nova for the tile texture.
UOF Crew for testing.

Background Story:

Quake based map based upon an old custom Quake layout which was never finished, but now revamped for Unreal Tournament 3.
Song is Descent Into Cerberon which is the original Quake 2 Soundtrack.

Click to view full Image! Click to view full Image!Click to view full Image! Click to view full Image!
Click to view full Image! Click to view full Image!
Click to view full Image! Click to view full Image!


Extract the archive into :

“My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps” directory. If this folder is not currently on your system, you can safely create it.

The archive contains :


Quake based map based upon an old custom Quake layout which was never finished, But now redesigned and revamped for playing in Unreal Tournament 3.

About Unlimited:

Unlimited started off as a project to create a hardcore fast paced Deathmatch map made for the popular Quake 3 Arcade game. With time passing by, and an increasing interest in the Unreal series, I decided to port the map to Unreal Tournament 3.

With this map, I wanted to experiment how gameplay behaves when a player has lots of options for Z-axis navigation. Players seem to enjoy having lots of Z-axis navigation, because it creates the feeling that they could even outrun the most skilled player, if the navigation is even good enough for the player lacking what the other would master. So I decided to create a flow of elevator movement/jumps and ramp navigation to make this a map to “look down upon”.

With this said, balance is required. How is balance determined? With lots of Z-axis navigation, there is most likely an overflow of dominance in a level. I decided to break this up by creating choke points, with ofcourse a risk and reward situation, and the always popular UTPortals. Which allow for a quick run when the danger is high.

There are respectfully two portals on each side of the map linking to each other. One situated on the ground floor, and the other situated on the mid level. This would mean a quick turn of events for a player, but, coming out of this portal will lead out a quite open middle section, which also creates danger of immediately getting attacked from out multiple corners. This is balance. Weaker players benefit these options, because this could turn around gameplay drastically.

The design uses a set of Quake 2 textures adjusted and with self created Normal and Specular maps. I focused myself on created a rather green/red contrasted lightning, to stand out with aggresive colors, and boosting the hardcore feeling. Lots of clean and danger striped trimming with a metallic addition makes the map feel clean and straightforward.


  • The geometry in DM-Unlimited is for 98% build out of BSP (Brushes). The other 2% are only but the elevators, weapon pads, and small deco.
  • DM-Unlimited uses nothing but custom Quake textures for what meets the eye only.
  • DM-Unlimited was entirely sketched, conceptualized, visualized and finished by myself.
  • DM-Unlimited level took roughly 1 week to complete, and has gone through various different themes before reaching the final stage as presented above.
  • DM-Unlimited is part of the Unreal Old Friends Low Poly Map Pack (UOF4).

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