UOF-LP Map Pack

Unreal Old Friends Low Poly Map Pack

8 Low Poly Levels for Unreal Tournament 3!


Levels in this Map Pack:

  • DM-UOF-LP-Unlimited                                 By “DarK” Jonathan Rutgers
  • DM-UOF-LP-Animus                                     By “DarK” Jonathan Rutgers
  • DM-UOF-LP-Atori                                          By “NOVA” – Sebastien
  • DM-UOF-LP-Diabolical                                 By  “Lord Porksword” Michael Lomman
  • DM-UOF-LP-Genki                                        By “McLogenog” – Andrew Yoder
  • CTF-UOF-LP-Rising                                       By “DarK” Jonathan Rutgers
  • CTF-UOF-LP-Jigoku                                       By “DarK” Jonathan Rutgers / “McLogenog” Andrew Yoder / “NOVA” Sebastien
  • CTF-UOF-LP-Tengoku                                  By “McLogenog” Andrew Yoder


Version: 1.1
Requirements: UT3 + Patch 2.1 + Titan Pack
Release date: July 12th, 2013


A non professional map pack designed for Unreal Tournament 3 containing 8 levels in total.
The focus of this map pack lies in creating levels with high quality gameplay and performance (Low poly’s), while still maintaining excellent visuals.
Using almost nothing but BSP (Brushes) only, limited Bloom, normal maps and clutter.
These maps are the culmination of many months of intense work with a focus on custom content. We’re happy to share this work with the community on this our fourth map pack.

After the comments gathered in the UOF / Epic forums about issues in some maps (forced music, music volume / sound effects to high, bots problems, etc.), the UOF team release this 1.1 version which solves all of the reported issues & few small improvements.

Game Modes:

CTF / Greed / DM / TDM / Betrayal / Duel

My levels In This Map Pack:

DM-Animus_Banner DM-Unlimited_Banner CTF-Rising_Banner CTF-Jigoku_Banner


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