UT Armor Spawn Indicator HUD (WIP)

I have been busy in between the actual level creating itself with a piece of Unreal scripting. Something I have always found interesting, So I start messing around abit, trying to learn the basics.

For a learning project I have set up for myself, I’m trying to create my first HUD through Canvas/Scaleform FX in UnrealScript.

I’m currently working on the source code, which will kind of large, so this will probably take some more time.
I’ll keep posting on the progress and various skins I’m working on in Photoshop.

The mod is a mutator which is usable in Deathmatches and Duels. It shows 4 images of the Armors known to Unreal, posting various information in the match.

I will post more along the way. This is design number uno.

This was my aim for set up (Borders etc. )
I’ll go along what each of its borders say up to down read.

– The first border involves a picture of the armor that the info is given for. The word SHIELDBELT for example is a static variable (never changes and never will during play),
which gives the basic information about the armor (Which one it is of the 4 that the info will be given for)

– The second border is blank during play, but it is a Dynamic variable of the amount of armor will appear once the armor has been picked up. See +50 will be shown in the HUD for 3 seconds once its it is picked up.

– The third border shows a loud and clear AVAILABLE in Green, and is the indicator that the armor is available.

– The fourth border shows the SPAWN TIME how long remains before that amount of armor is spawned.

I’d keep it as simple as possible, but the HUD needs to interact in each other.
For example:

– If “Spawn Time” reaches 0 in the 4th Border, AVAILABLE will pop up in the 3th Border.
If “ARMOR” is picked up, the amount of armor that has been added will appear in the 2nd Border (+20, +30, +50, +100)
If “BORDER2” is blank again, the Spawn Time will start from the start.

More to come soon.


Coming in 2013! A New Pack..

We at Unreal Old Friends all came together due to a love of modding for Unreal Tournament 3!  To this day we’re still supporting Unreal Tournament 3, putting our artistic talents to good use!

Here’s a teaser thread at what to expect from us, for UT3, in 2013!


Progress and some issues.

I’m happy to say that this is blog did not fall into the depths yet.
I’m still working on stuff which has a possible release date in somewhere 2013.
Life has really kept me busy, working fulltime really puts a large cut through my spare time which I also invest in my other hobbies such as drumming, and playing guitar.

Between the months of Oktober and December, I have made about 35 BSP layouts, from which, almost 4 or 5 came out tastefully enough to push through as a decent map. Although I’m really improving in decorative BSP and ways to polish a map, I lack any inspiration to come up with decent layouts. 

I looked at many good BSP layout maps. One of them really stood out for me. I took a long look at Cr4zyb4st4rd ‘s map WAR-Flux. This medium sized warfare map is about 95% made of BSP, and a ton of inspiration for a favourite BSP mapper like me. Cr4zy’s spend about 2 months on this map with approx 8000+ brushes, and result is stunning. The geometry is very well made, and its just fitting in every room or place in this map, while remaining the clean HOLP look. Why I looked at this map? All other HOLP maps are great too, but this is so far the only HOLP BSP in the mode Warfare. So, while I lack inspiration to come up with a layout, this was the main aspect why I opened this map in the editor.

Cr4zy showed me different pics of the early layout, and earlier visual styles as well. Its really   fun to see how these aspects have evolved in the development of the map. In the end, It all comes down to “How to make a map / the planning aspect” I guess. Cr4zy must have made an incredible ugly version of this map, and post its layout as an alpha, just to get feedback from other mappers and experienced players, in which layout obviously comes first.

I find inspiration in planning and the layout by looking at how other mappers “plan” a map. 
It seems gameplay is always number 1 in a map, while visual aspects pretty much always remain second. What does that summarize? A great visual map could be eyecandy for the eye, but if it includes many gameplay issues which have not been fixed before a map reached the Beta or RC fase, its almost inreversable because of all the changes that have to be made.

I have learned from above mistakes and I’m certain that It will only come to good as me as a level designer. We were all noobs in the beginning. Thanks to all the feedback from UOF (Unreal Old Friends team), which are always prepared to provide feedback and help you where possible. Big shoutout for them 🙂

Thanks for reading.

New map!

The map that never got released, due to my lack of skill has now been redone and ready for your entertainment 🙂
Find the map on here in its respectful section!

Be sure to leave some feedback on the Epic forums.
Any feedback on this will be noted in my upcoming maps. As for I plan to let this map rest as a final 🙂